Blood Pressure Testing


This is a FREE service offered by South Hedland Pharmacy.

We maintain a record of all your Blood Pressure readings performed at South Hedland Pharmacy, and can provide you with a copy of your results to give to your regular GP.


In order to get an accurate reading of your Blood Pressure, it is best that you observe the following guidelines before coming in for your measurement:


  • Measurements should only be taken after AT LEAST 5 minutes of rest.

  • You should wear clothing that doesn't restrict the arms, so the cuff may be fitted comfortably.

  • Do not consume CAFFEINE or TOBACCO products within 30 minutes of the reading.

  • Do not take a reading if you are under STRESS or have recently EXERCISED.


Please note it may also be beneficial to take 2-3 readings 1 minute apart to get an avergae result. Your Doctor may also wish for you to take readings at a particular time of the day (e.g. morning or night). Please consult with your Doctor to find out what is best for you.


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Have your own Blood Pressure Monitor at home and want to keep track of your readings? Try this FORM.