Webster-Pak Service


Here at South Hedland Pharmacy we understand that it can be very confusing when you are on lots of different medicines. It can be difficult to remember what medication to take and when to take it.


To help solve this issue, South Hedland Pharmacy is proud to offer the Webster-Pak service at a very competitive price. Webster-Paks are a Dosage Administration Aid, which allows a qualified Pharmacist to organise all of a patient's medications according to the time of day when they should be taken and the days of the week.


The Webster-Pak is completely disposable. It is pressure sealed, meaning the extreme temperatures experienced in the Northern Australian climate do not affect the adhesive. Perforations along the pack allow the patient to tear off certain days/doses (e.g. patient going out for the day). It also means that all doses of medication are sealed and stored safely until they are taken.


In addition to this service, we will also store all of your prescriptions at the Pharmacy, let you know when you are running low on repeats, and keep an accurate Medication Summary in consultation with your regular Doctor (with Patient Permission).


To find out more about this service, please Contact Us.