Flu Vaccinations

South Hedland Pharmacy offers a Flu Vaccination service for adults and children over 10 years of age. Please call or visit us in-store if you have any questions. Alternatively, click on the button below to find out more.

Blood Pressure Testing


South Hedland Pharmacy offers blood pressure testing as a FREE service to it's customers.

Blood Testing


South Hedland Pharmacy offers Blood Glucose, Total Cholesterol and INR (International Normalised Ratio) tests in-store.

Diabetes Support


Whether you have been newly diagnosed with diabetes, or just wanting help with your medications or blood glucose monitor, South Hedland Pharmacy has trained staff to answer all your questions.

Ear & Nose Piercing 


South Hedland Pharmacy currently performs ear lobe, ear cartilage and nose piercing. As this service is subject to the availability of trained staff, it is advised that you call prior to coming in to confirm staff availability. Please Contact Us to check suitability of your chosen time.


First Aid Kits


South Hedland Pharmacy stocks a wide range of First Aid supplies. Let us restock your home, vehicle, boating or workplace Fist Aid Kits for you.

Medical Certificates


Our Pharmacists are able to provide sick leave or carer's leave certificates for minor ailments when you are unable to access your Doctor.

MedsCheck & Diabetes MedsCheck


MedsCheck & Diabetes MedsCheck are initiatives of the Australian Government designed to improve patient education and understanding of their medicines and medical conditions. Patients who meet the eligibilty criteria are entitled to a FREE in-pharmacy consultation with a qualified Pharmacist.

NDSS Access Point


Being an NDSS Access Point means that South Hedland Pharmacy is able to provide all registered patients with their blood glucose testing strips and diabetic needles at a reduced price. We also stock many other diabetes-related products.

Signing of Documents


South Hedland Pharmacy has qualified Pharmacists who are able to witness and certify various documents for you. Charges may apply for certain documents.

Webster-Pak Service


A Webster-Pak is a Dosage Administration Aid designed to assist people who have difficulty remembering what medications to take and when to take them. This service is offered at a competitive price to any patient or carer who struggles with their medication regime.