Ear & Nose Piercing


South Hedland Pharmacy has several staff members trained in ear & nose piercing. Please note we offer piercing of the LOBE and CARTILAGE sections of the ear.

The service is subject to the availability of trained staff and while we do not require that you make an appointment, it is advisable that you call prior to coming in to confirm staff are available. Please Contact Us to make sure we can accommodate you at your chosen time.


We have a very large range of earrings to choose from including gold plated, stainless steel and birth gemstones. Please note the piercing procedure can only be performed with stud earrings. It is advised that you wait a minimum of 6 weeks before removing the stud earrings to replace with another pair.


Cost:     EAR LOBE (2 staff members piercing simultaneously) - $17.95

              EAR LOBE (1 staff member piercing 1 lobe at a time) -  $14.95

              EAR LOBE (Only a single lobe piercing) - $10.95

              EAR CARTILAGE (Single Piercing) - $24.95

              EAR CARTILAGE (2 Piercings) - $29.95

In addition to these prices, the earrings themselves cost $10.95 and the Ross Ear Care Spray costs $8.95.

             NOSE (piercing procedure) - $39.95 (Plus $21.95 for jewellery)


*If under 18 years of age, a parent ot guardian must be present for the procedure and give written consent.


We will provide you with all the necessary information to help you care for your new piercing. We also stock the Ross Ear Care Spray for purchase.


To learn more about after-piercing care, please watch the offical Studex After-Piercing Care video on the left.